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Siempre Tote

Sale price$449.00 NZD
A true classic for all your everyday needs. The timeless lightweight Siempre Tote Bag is handmade out of interlaced machine washable, water resistant, and durable material. Designed for women who want to be comfortable and stylish and are in need of a practical and multifunctional bag.

The Siempre Tote is a perfectly sized carry-all bag ready to accompany you to the office, gym, shopping trips, travelling and all your other daily activites. It can be easily folded and packed in your luggage and for busy mums it can be a ready-to-go tote bag to carry anything from makeup to children belongings.

The Siempre Tote has a closable internal pocket/pouch and comes with a detached matching clutch in which you can carry your phone, keys, sunnies and so on.

Size may vary slightly as it is a handcrafted bag.

- Vegan leather
- Unlined interior
- Dimensions: 53cm w x 35cm h x 21cm d
- Handle length: 44cm
- Weight 1100 grams
- Internal clutch dimensions: 24cm w x 18cm h
- Machine washable in cold water, please remove bottom velcro insert before washing

Style Code: ANSIEMP



Colour:Army Green