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Home Perfume

Sale price$75.00 NZD
What’s that scent? Where is it coming from? Either proud on display or descretly nestled, our modern reed diffuser eliminates the conscious task of scenting your home. All day and evening, effortless but hard working, enjoy continuous elegant scent throw of your chosen perfume.
Easy to set up – Simply allow the perfume to soak & ascend the porous reed.

- 250ml
- Ashley & Co® Home Perfume will diffuse for 4-6 months

1) Blossom & Gilt
Costa Rican Tuberose, Wild Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, White Tobacco, Bergamot & Kaffir Lime
Give fresh flowers: Costa Rican Tuberose and Wild Jasmine create the ultimate bouquet, lasting longer than it’s fresh petalled contemporaries.

2) Tui & Kahili
Delicate Lilly, Wild Ginger, Mimosa, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang
Like sweet nectar enticing the Tui, notes of Wild Spreading Ginger and Delicate Lily will have you scouring the native flora for this alluring scent.

Please note: This item is available for shipment within New Zealand only. Due to its high alcohol content we cannot send to international addresses.

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Colour:Blossom and Gilt