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Essential Edit

Sale price$199.00 NZD
Create infinite possibilities with clean, multi-use makeup with skincare benefits, and save 25%.

The Aleph Essentials Edit provides you with your go to kit for a flawless and adaptable complexion using just three versatile products and two professional grade tools.

Bundle includes:
- Concealer/Foundation (in your preferred colour)
- Serum/Primer
- Radiance Balm Moon
- Diffuser Brush
- Mixing Tool

With Aleph's multi-use products, you have the ability to create endless possibilities with just a few key items. By layering, mixing, and blending these products, you can achieve an infinite variety of tones, textures, and finishes while every Essentials Edit product can also be used on their own to create your own personalized look.

Customize your coverage by mixing a drop or two of Serum/Primer with your Concealer/Foundation; Add Radiance Balm Moon to your Concealer/Foundation for a luminous complexion, or layer them all to create ultimate dimension.

Whether you follow one of our favorite Aleph recipes or create your own bespoke blend, Aleph products will be there to create a naturally flawless complexion in the moment while caring for and nourishing your skin over time.

Please note: This item cannot be returned or exchanged if you change your mind due to hygiene reasons. If an item within the set is defective or damaged, we will exchange it for the same item.

Style Code: ALESED